2021 Bug Chasing Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2021 Bug Chasing Survey. This was the very first survey conducted here and it was also my first attempt at creating a survey. I received some feedback that will help me improve the future surveys, so thank you to those of you who also gave me your feedback, as this will make the future surveys flow better.

There were a total of 295 responses received, which is a fantastic result, especially considering that the survey only ran from September 20, 2021 to December 31, 2021. I know there were some people who were concerned about the privacy of their information and the purpose of this survey, so hopefully now that the results have been released, more people will be comfortable participating in the future surveys.

The survey results are displayed below for you to take a look at. I will be publishing an article that discusses insights into some of the results separately, but this raw data can provide you with information based on how other bug chasers think and act, which is the purpose of the survey. It was designed to help you see where you fit in, so you don’t feel alone in this world and as you will soon see, there are plenty of people who consider themselves to be bug chasers.

You might notice that some of the results have less than 295 and this is because answering questions was optional, so some participants skipped the questions they did not wish to answer or that were not relevant to them. The responses are displayed in order from the most responses to the least responses and the exact number of responses is displayed on the right hand side of the graph.

This survey was designed for those who are currently on the bug chasing path, but after releasing the survey and seeing some of the responses coming in, I acknowledge that the survey did not take into consideration those who are former bug chasers who have been successful and gift givers, so the future surveys will be enhanced to ensure that the question and answer sets include a wider variety of people who can participate.

Which country are you located in?
Q1. How old are you?
Q2. What is your sexual role?
Q3. When did you last get tested for HIV?
Q4. What is your current HIV status?
Q5. At what age did you start having bug chasing thoughts?
Q6. What is your bug chasing status?
Q7. How long have you been having unprotected sex with HIV-positive guys?
Q8. How many HIV-positive detectable guys have you had unprotected sex with?
Q9. If you become HIV-positive, do you plan on taking medication?
Q10. Do you want to become a gift giver if you become HIV-positive?
Q11. What is your preferred conversion arrangement?
Q12. Which is your preferred method for getting infected?
Q13. Have you ever attended a conversion party?
Q14. Which option best describes your interest in bug chasing?
Q15. How do you feel about bug chasing?
Q16. Have you told anyone you are a bug chaser?
Q17. Do you plan on getting a poz-centric tattoo if you become HIV-positive?
Q18. Are you worried about the intensity of getting the 'fuck flu' if you convert?
Q19. Which Sexually Transmitted Infections are you specifically chasing?
Q20. If a cure for HIV is found and becomes available, would you want it?
Q21. In general terms of bug chasing, do you consider it to be more fantasy or reality?
Q22. If you are a former chaser and become HIV-positive on purpose, do you have any regrets?

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