2022 Bug Chasing and Gift Giving Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2022 Bug Chasing and Gift Giving Survey, your trust with the survey questions and your involvement is greatly appreciated, so it’s great to include your responses in the results available on this page. This survey was the second survey conducted at Curious Chaser, but it was the first survey that ran for an entire twelve month period and it was also the first survey to include both bug chasing and gift giving questions and answers. A total of 494 responses were received between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022, with each of the individual responses incorporated into the final figures that have been published on this page.

At the beginning of every year, a new survey will be released to include new questions and answers and enhancements will also be made to the existing questions that remain to provide as much insight into bug chasing and gift giving as possible. Making ongoing adjustments to the surveys will keep your participation in the survey interesting and relevant, plus as details such as behaviours and statuses will change over time, participating in the survey each year will keep up with evolving changes that will occur.

Each survey respondent was able to answer the questions of their choice, as there were no mandatory responses, which can sometimes make drawing conclusions based on the available data difficult. This means the data presented to you on this page should not be relied upon in any way and is provided for general information only. It also needs to be pointed out that this is not a scientific survey and all responses that were received have not been verified for their authenticity in any way. One marker (an email address) was used to ensure each response is unique, although there was nothing to stop those with more than one email address from participating multiple times.


Q1. How old are you?

Q2. Where do you currently live?

Q3. What is your sexual role?

Q4. What is your current HIV status?

Q5. Do you have, or have you had any other STIs?

Q6. When did you last get tested for HIV?


Q7. How would you describe your bug chasing status?

Q8. If you are actively chasing, how long have you been chasing?

Q9. How old were you when you started thinking about bug chasing?

Q10. Which option(s) describe your connection to bug chasing?

Q11. Which sexually transmitted infections are you chasing?

Q12. How does bug chasing make you feel?

Q13. How do you want to be infected?

Q14. If you did know who infected you, would you want to remain in contact with that person?

Q15. What are your thoughts about the 'fuck flu' after becoming infected?

Q16. When do you plan on taking medication if you get infected?

Q17. Do you want to become a gift giver if you become poz?

Q18. Do you plan on getting a poz-centric tattoo if you become poz?

Q19. If a cure for HIV is found and becomes available, would you want it?


Q20. What is your current HIV/STI status?

Q21. At what age did you become poz?

Q22. How long have you been poz?

Q23. If you chased the bug, how long did it take you to become poz?

Q24. How did you become poz?

Q25. Do you know who infected you?

Q26. How long after your HIV diagnosis did you start taking medication?

Q27. If you were on meds previously, but decided to stop so you could infect someone else, how long have you been off of meds?

Q28. If you became infected intentionally, do you still have contact with the person who infected you?

Q29. What turns you on the most about infecting someone?

Q30. Do you believe a poz brotherhood exists?

Q31 Have you revealed your poz status to anyone?

Q32. Have you ever told a person you are willing to infect them with HIV?

Q33. Are you upfront and honest about gifting, or do you secretly infect people?

Q34. Has anyone ever asked you to infect them with HIV?

Q35. If you are poz detectable, have you ever stealth fucked anyone?

Q36. How many guys have you successfully infected?

Q37. Based on your personal experience, would you recommend becoming poz to others?

Q38. If you became poz on purpose, do you have any regrets?