2023 Bug Chasing and Gift Giving Survey Results

Thank you to those of you who participated in the 2023 Bug Chasing and Gift Giving Survey, which consisted of 43 questions, along with the option to share a public and/or private comment. Your involvement is greatly appreciated, as this survey would be nothing without your participation. This page features the survey results in a graphical format, along with the comments some participants shared.

This was the third survey conducted at Curious Chaser, with total of 516 responses received between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023. To keep the insight relevant, a new survey is conducted annually, with new and improved question and answer sets, so hopefully you will participate in the 2024 survey so we can continue to understand ourselves better, which is the purpose of this survey. The new survey has less questions, but several places where you can express yourself with text to add more context to the results.

As each question in this survey was optional, apart from an email address, participants could choose which questions they wanted to answer, so you will notice that not all of the questions will achieve the full number of responses based on the total number of participants and as some of the questions allowed respondents to choose multiple responses, this is why some of the responses exceed the total number of participants. It’s important to understand that this is not a scientific survey and the results have not been validated in any way and this data is provided for general information only and must not be used for decision making or any other purpose.

Background Questions

Q1. Where do you currently live?
Q1. Where do you currently live?

Q2. How old are you?

Q3. Are you in a medical profession?

Q4. What is your sexual role?

Q5. What is your current HIV status?

Q6. Do you have, or have you had, any other STIs?

Q7. When did you last get tested for HIV?

Q8. Did your HIV/STI test results change since your last test?

Bug Chasing Questions

Q9. How would you describe your bug chasing status?

Q10. How old were you when you started thinking about bug chasing?

Q11. If you are, or have been an active bug chaser, how old were you when you started bug chasing?

Q12. Which option(s) describe your connection to bug chasing?

Q13. Which sexually transmitted infections are you chasing?

Q14. How does bug chasing make you feel?

Q15. How do you prefer to be infected?

Q16. If you did know who infected you, would you want to remain in contact with that person?

Q17. What is your main thought about the 'fuck flu' after becoming infected?

Q18. When do you plan on taking medication if you get infected?

Q19. Do you want to become a gift giver if you become poz?

Q20. Would you be willing to pay for the bug to successfully convert?

Q21. Do you plan on getting a poz-centric tattoo if you become poz?

Q22. If a cure for HIV is found and becomes available, would you want it?

Gift Giving Questions

Q23. What is your current HIV/STI status?

Q24. At what age did you become poz?

Q25. How long have you been poz?

Q26. If you chased the bug, how long did it take you to become poz?

Q27. How did you become poz?

Q28. Do you know who infected you?

Q29. How long after your HIV diagnosis did you start taking medication?

Q30. If you were on meds previously, but decided to stop so you could infect someone else, how long were you off your meds?

Q31. If you became infected intentionally, do you still have contact with the person who infected you?

Q32. What turns you on the most about infecting someone?

Q33. Do you believe a poz brotherhood exists?

Q34. Have you revealed your poz status to anyone?

Q35. Are you upfront and honest about gifting, or do you secretly infect people?

Q36. Has anyone ever asked you to infect them with HIV?

Q37. Do you think a bug chaser should have to pay money to get converted?

Q38. If you are poz detectable, have you ever stealth fucked anyone?

Q39. How many people have you successfully infected?

Q40. Do you want to stay in touch with those you have infected?

Q41. Do you have any friends or acquaintances who are chasers or gifters?

Q42. Based on your personal experience, would you recommend becoming poz to others?

Q43. If you became poz on purpose, do you have any regrets?

Comments Received

Love the surveys and the way it allows me to commit to bugchasing and to examine the reasons why and the extent of my commitment. Love the way it eventually allows me to compare my commitment with my bugchasing brothers.

Up until a few years ago I was all about safe sex but then I got fucked by a guy who came in me. I was nervous and scared at first but still it got me horned up thinking about that experience. A little later I stumbled on some bareback and stealthing porn but quickly left the site thinking it was dirty and wrong but I soon found myself going back to those sites and viewing more stealthing porn and realized it really turned me on. Since then I’ve fantasized about getting stealthed and taking loads. I’ve been getting fucked bare regularly from a few guys I know and allowing them to cum in me. It seems like the more loads I take the stronger the desire to take more loads becomes. I’m not sure I’d call myself a chaser but I feel like it’s a road that I might be going down. I wish I could understand why this change from safe sex only to more and more risky behavior is happening.

Still just a fantasy, but one I hope will one day come true and will not go away.

Being poz is something that is quickly becoming a goal for me. I feel that this sexual fantasy is becoming the dream of my life my life. I never thought something like this could happen to me. The desire to be poz is getting stronger every day and I feel that I am destined to have HIV. It is something that I cannot avoid and I am resigned to the fact that it will be so. It’s a matter of time. I think I’ll achieve it very soon, that’s my wish. Sometimes i’m a little impatient and I feel anxious to achieve it, so I try not to think too much about the consequences, because that way I don’t get scared and I don’t have doubts. Fear pushes me back at times, but after that the desire comes back even stronger. Among my purposes for this year I have to become poz, I try to put it as an objective so that this dream comes true.

I’m a submissive cum dump bottom and into all sorts of wild kinks. I have a friend that I met online that was right up my alley and had this ridiculously enormous black dick that I couldn’t stop drooling over. When I went over to his apartment for the first time we got to know each other a bit and began to undress. As I was about to go down on him he told me that he was poz but undetectable, that it was safe for me to give him oral without a condom and we’d use a condom when we’d have sex. I was scared but he convinced me to go down on him. When we were in bed and having sex he touched me all over and began telling me how bad he wanted to give it to me raw. Well mid session I was extremely turned on and wasn’t thinking clearly. He told me that the condom broke, and kept going dumping this huge load in me. I was so scared at first that I got dressed and immediately went to the hospital to get tested. When the results came back negative I was relieved but in a few days I was back at his place after I left a bar and mid sex let him rip off the condom moaning as if I was in heat telling him to knock me up.

I have known people who died of HIV in ’80’s, ’90’s and ’00’s. Even had sex with several before they were infected. Got on PrEP in 2013 and thought my days of HIV were behind me, but during Covid & lockdown and unable to get prescription filled. Got a false positive (twice). Went almost 3 weeks thinking I was pozz+. My mind set changed, and even after getting back on meds, there an empty spot in my soul. A few months later off my meds on vacation, took many loads several partners. Less than 4wks later, had the Fuck Flu.

My goal is to be converted in 2023.

The survey is becoming better and better. 🙂

Being poz is great, and barebacking should be daily with as many guys as possible to build up your viral count and bug collection. Points should be shared with as many guys as you can get. Slamming is the only way to ensure the job gets done, and meth makes sure objections don’t matter. No age limits – the younger the hotter.

Make an organization with membership, state and metropolitan chapters. Have conversion events and offer education, counseling (by an unbiased group of gifters/chasers), and a requirement to notarize (while of sound body and mind – and certified to that effect by counselors and physicians) their irrevocable consent and indemnify / hold harmless others should they change their minds later since due diligence has been done.

I hope one give me one time poz i need it is want it.

I have a Dominant guy/boss wanting me to become an Aids whore.

Thank you for the very direct questions and appropriate suggested answers. To be honest some questions were quite difficult to answer as honestly as possible, actually requiting self reflection.

Excellent survey. Loved filling it out. Hopefully next time I fill it out I’ll be a gifter instead of a chaser.

I plan on being pozzed by my fiancé, prior to our wedding. Vows are fine, sharing dna is so much hotter. I have fucked numerous poz guys before, but my fiancé will be my first time bottoming for one.

I’m proud of being able to get fucked raw rough hardcore knowing that every mans cock fucking my ass sloppy and dumping their load was possibly the cum load that will convert me into the new breed of poz men and something I was going to sex clubs every week to let older men fucking breed fresh meat they knew I was one of them and loved being gang banged in the sling and kinda knowing what they want to do with me and taught me how to be sex positive and I don’t regret it except I would have loved to made a porn scene and see myself dripping with poz toxic cum knowing that I was willing to take it ever since I was unable to resist when I was raw fucked first time and last time I ever need a condom. Just need to find a new young sub to breed my seed Into who reminds me of myself being bred and craving for a raw breeding mark to know I’m a good raw sleazy man pig.

When I was a teen an older gay man told me you’re not a true gay man till your poz. I didn’t get it then but I do now.

What started as a curiosity has become an obsession.

I’m newly poz and not on meds. There’s a shortage of gifters in my area and I’m looking forward to helping other chasers reach their goal.

Hello There; This is the first time, I have taken part in a survey like this – Did get aroused somewhat 🙂 – I am an active Chaser & Gifter – LOVE IT

Look forward to keeping in touch.

Hot survey!!

I wanna be a blood slammed and flooded cum pig for any toxic alpha men. Make me mega toxic med resistant and keep me gaping.

Honestly one of the biggest reasons I’m on PrEP and low key chasing (whatever happens, happens), is because I feel like openly poz guys, or even UD guys, just know how to fuck BB better than the average: it’s not just a pump and dump, they take their time and just enjoy being inside a raw hole.

The excitement of fucking bareback and not knowing if a person is neg or poz is what’s driving me. I would walk away from anyone who insisted on using condoms. I cannot get hard when condoms are put on. The only times is when I find used condoms, and can push the contents up my hole.

I have allowed undetectable guys to shoot in me. Maybe one day a detectable guy will lie or not know his status and infect me.

I really want pozzed a lot and am more than ready.

I started my chase in my mid 50s, shortly after I decided that I loved the idea of raw sex. Deciding to go bare in itself was a huge decision, and I researched the pros and cons of it. Before starting to go bare, I wouldn’t consider myself a slut or just a hole to use. I had a decent amount of safe sex, but ran into quite a few that preferred raw.

My decision to chase came shortly after I began to BB and THOUGHT I had the fuck flu. I never thought becoming infected would be so easy. My test was both nerve wracking, yet at the same time equally exciting. I no longer had any fears of becoming poz, and was sure that it would make my sex life way more exciting.

My test came back negative. It was extremely difficult when the tester asked if i was ready for my results. If I had been poz, I don’t know how I should react to the tester. After all it was a HIV clinic, and although they briefly discussed HIV meds, they promoted safe sex. Add to that, if i was poz, it would be in the Health Department records.

When I did decide to chase, it was with the stipulation that I was to know who my gifter was, rather than be an anonymous mark on a gifters belt. Needless to say, knowing a gifter makes the chase harder, and hence I’ve been on it for 4 years. The good news is, I’m confident that I have found him and will be poz by the end of the year!

Jason, thank you so much for this site. I have always had guilt and shame about my desires and I love this is a place that I can talk openly and honestly with others.

I was already into nasty sex as a teen, realized in high school that vanilla bores me. Got into the HIV scene at 20 started chasing at 21 and set up my own conversion party at 22. It was a party weekend with three guys and I’m still in touch with two of them. I celebrate two anniversaries every year, the weekend I was infected and the date a converted. I thrive being HIV positive. Being positive gives me freedom. Being positive gives me power.

There is something about a woman who is HIV+ that turns me on. I can’t really put my finger on it, but if I ever met a woman willing to fuck me raw, I wonder if I could resist the temptation.

I think that hopefully in the future there’s a better way to go about treating people who are hiv positive. I think it’s no one fault they got it. Some people do stealth but I think that those who didn’t know shouldn’t be blamed. There are people who shame those for having an sti but the truth is it’s not uncommon for a person to have and sti. But if you see signs maybe let someone know and don’t be a jerk. You made the conscious decision to have raw sex and you took a risk so why act like a victim.

From the very beginning, I just “knew” I would never actually go through with being pozzed. “It would be reckless”, “It’s a disease”, or worst of all “You’ll regret it” is how part of me felt, stopping me from doing it. But after years of just chatting with gifters/chasers and watching poz porn, I couldn’t hold the urge in any longer. So I did it, I met a guy on Twitter who knew a gifter who was only two hours away; I met him later that week and he pozzed me. It was… the most intense and erotic sexual experience I have ever had. In the aftermath, despite what I feared, I don’t regret it. So, to anyone who has always felt deeply conflicted when it comes to chasing, like me, know that when you finally feel like you can’t keep it in any longer, you should go for it. Odds are, if you are anything like me, you’ll end up loving it.

I have been fucked bareback and loaded a few guys who are/were HIV positive. I usually knew that the guy was positive. Those were the hottest and most satisfying fucks I have ever had. No regrets at all but still neg.

Fuck bare and accept the Gift.

I wish more people would decide to become bug givers.

This is indeed supportive for all of us.

Once you’re POZ it gives you no fear. I want you having sex not thinking of the infection or anything you’re just enjoying the sensation with another man.

I maintain a detectable viral load and take meds on and off to do so. Some of the questions seem a bit black and white as to on meds or off meds…

It’s not sick or crazy to be attracted to becoming poz, it’s wanting what you have always been afraid of and taking power back, it’s a lot more too.

I’d like to be referred to someone who can convert me if possible.

I’ve stealth fucked guys and bred them. It’s a turn on top breed safe sex guys.

My breeding was intentional. It was and still is the most erotic and satisfying sex I’ve ever had. Knowing the man I was with was going to create something with me that will never be taken away was incredible!

Many years ago I met a guy, running through a gay sauna club, crying. “Who wants to pozz me, pozz me, please. I will pay you.”

For me, chasing is about the sex. I wouldn’t really want it from a blood slam or anything like that.

I’m mostly bottom and sub and usually only go to hookups if I confirm he’s willing to cum inside me, no condoms or pulling out. For me as a sub bottom coming out of it with his load(s) in me is an integral part of the experience, the ultimate turn on.

Hookups are an effort and if he wants to use a condom it’s just not worth it, the lack of skin on skin contact and dealing with putting the condom on and taking it off just totally takes me out of the experience of good sex. The spontaneity of bare sex, and the naturalness and intimacy of him cumming inside my ass that brought him to orgasm is a must for me.

I see bug chasing as just an extension of that. There’s nothing more intimate to me than me knowing his positive status, absolutely refusing a condom and begging for his load in me anyway.

My absolute goal would be a gifter who can also be a friend, and then taking his every load he can produce for weeks or months inside me as the ultimate sign of my sub commitment to making him happy even though I know his loads are “dangerous”.

Thank you for letting us take this survey.

Honestly wish that there were more guys out there that were truly open in sharing the virus. Plus more studies in whether the virus affects our own behavior and whether it is a sentient being connecting with us, the host.

I want it to be special. I want to get it from someone I care about and feel a connection to.

I joined this website to join a brotherhood of men who won’t judge me.

I would like guys with STDs or HIV to know their viral load and share it with me so I know how toxic he is as he intending to infect me.

At first, I did not tell anyone I was chasing. But more and more, I’m openly telling people. But still not everyone.

Love the risk. Not wanting to be poz.

It’s the allure, fraternity, the act of converting and the idea of sharing my DNA which turns me on. The bonding of a shared idea/strain turns me on.

In Lansing Michigan looking for a poz top to infect me.

Each one has to make the decision by his own. Gay men are sexually charged and no matter what we are up to fuck every day.

I have taken many many many poz viral loads but I’ve stayed negative. My husband was poz for three years and he didn’t know. I took his poz loads so many times yet I stayed negative. I since been to conversion fuck sessions and I’m still neg.