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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Welcome to Spring of 2024 (or for my southern hemisphere brother’s entry to Winter) and the revamped Curious Chaser. Some long-standing Curious Chaser members...

2023 Bug Chasing and Gifting Giving Survey Results Published

I would like to give a massive thank you to everyone who participated in the 2023 Bug Chasing and Gift Giving Survey. This survey...

Poz Seeds: A Gift Giver Explains His Desire to Share HIV

Learning from others as we explore the world of bug chasing and gift giving provides us with a unique level of insight and is...

User Defined Definitions for Bug Chasing, Gift Giving and Poz-Centric Terms

Launched in 1999, Urban Dictionary is a website that is powered by its users, which is echoed by its current slogan "Urban Dictionary is...

Breeding Culture Academically Explores Barebacking, Bug Chasing and Gift Giving

"Breeding Culture: Barebacking, Bugchasing, Giftgiving" is an academic essay written by Tim Dean in March 2008 and published in Volume 49 of The Massachusetts...

The Canadian ‘The Gift Giver’ Short Film is a Winner

Last month I was emailed by Curious Chaser member Sprigs suggesting I watch the short film called 'The Gift Giver'. I responded by saying...

Bug Chasing and Gift Giving Terms, Acronyms and Social Media Hashtags

If you have ever come across a word or term you've never heard of before, your first reaction might involve curiosity or confusion, where...

The Gift Giver is a Short Film Involving Malicious HIV Exposure

The Gift Giver is a 20 minute film that was written, directed and produced by filmmaker Gareth Askew in 2014. The tagline for the...