Launched in 1999, Urban Dictionary is a website that is powered by its users, which is echoed by its current slogan “Urban Dictionary is written by you.” It’s a pretty smart concept, because the website provides the infrastructure, with contributors (or users) doing all the work to provide the content. The website is funded through purchases of mugs, hats, t-shirts and sweatshirts containing definitions and meanings and users can create the own definitions added to the merchandise. Many of the definitions were created a number of years ago and have become outdated, so it’s time for some of these definitions to be given an update.

Urban Dictionary Bug Chaser Definition

Urban Dictionary was originally designed as a parody of, but quickly became popular with those who could look up slang and other words to help them understand meanings better and there’s actually some funny definitions found as you explore the pages. As the website features a collaboration of various sources and opinions, based on contributors thoughts on different meanings, visitors to the website will discover a lot of variation. The website allows opinions and due to the lack of editorial review and moderation, a lot of contributions could be considered unreliable, due to the inaccuracies that have been published on the website. There is the option to report concerning contributions, but if you see some of the contributions that currently exist, it does make you question how serious any reports are taken, as the website is designed to be tongue-in-cheek.

Urban Dictionary Bug Chaser T-Shirt

If you browse through the pages of Urban Dictionary looking for definitions for bug chaser, bug chasing, gift giver, gift giving and other poz-centric terms, you will find some interesting definitions that have been created by users of the website. Urban Dictionary asks users to create a definition, then provide a sentence that creates an example of the definition to provide a better understanding of the meaning and to put the definition into context. You will find some fun and even weird stuff at Urban Dictionary, with plenty of ignorant and incorrect meanings as well, which is why we should include some useful definitions to help other users of the website with more accurate terminology understand topics and issues we can relate to. We might not be able to erase some of the incorrect or even inappropriate contributions, but we can still add some value to a selected number of definitions by coming up with some ideas here.

This is an article that asks you to share your creativity by coming up with your own definitions and to get things started, I have taken a look through some of the definitions at Urban Dictionary that have been created by other users and I have shared one example from each term as a reference point to help make each definition better. It’s important to remember that anyone can submit their own definitions at Urban Dictionary (including us), with some of the definitions based on ignorance, whether accidental or intentional, which is why it would be great for us to create our own definitions coming from those who resonate closely with them. We can still make our definitions fun, to keep them inline with the spirit of the concept of the original idea, but at the same time, we can make the definitions more helpful for those who might stumble across the website looking for meanings of particular terms.

Bug Chaser

Definition: One who is deliberately having unprotected anal sex in order to be infected with HIV, particularly if his lover has it. This is done to show true love and devotion in the gay union or to commiserate (share the pain of HIV) with his lover.
Example: Bob was infected with HIV before he met Ray. Ray was so in love with Bob that he wanted to experience everything with his lover, including HIV.

Contributed by Richard Black March 3, 2005

Gift Giver

Definition: When someone who is HIV positive infects someone HIV negative by cumming inside them.
Example: That gift giver gave me AIDS.

Contributed by Angelus69 January 5, 2006


Definition: Stands for “Human immunodeficiency Virus”. Contrary to some idiot’s beliefs, it was not given to us by the homosexual community. It is believed to originated in Africa from a mutated form of a virus in a diseased monkey. We don’t actually know how it came about. It is widely accepted that HIV causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) but because we cannot do experiments to prove this (due to morality issues) the African government can claim that there is no evidence supporting this hypothesis and does not have to supply medicine for its citizens.
Example: Yo my friend just found out that he has HIV, he’s gonna try to keep it from becoming AIDS with medicine but the crap thing is that he got it from his girlfriend so they both have it.

Contributed by Toppy December 11, 2005


Definition: An HIV positive diagnosis is given to a person who is infected with HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus. HIV is a terrible infection that often leads to AIDS.
HIV is common among gay or bisexual men. About 1 in 5 gay or bisexual men have HIV. Gay or bisexual men account for a large majority of HIV diagnoses as a whole, and over 80% of HIV diagnoses among males. In short, if you’re a gay man then you’re much more likely to get HIV.
Also, HIV positive gay men are almost 100 times more likely to get anal cancer than the general population. All of this is because gay or bisexual men often have anal sex with other men. Anal sex can cause anal fissures, which are basically cuts or tears to your anus which can get infected.
Example: Gay men are the population most affected by infections and diseases like HIV, Syphilis, and anal cancer. Because of this, more gay men die of sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) than any other group. Many gay men are HIV positive. Those are the simple facts.

Contributed by Give me the facts. January 20, 2020


Definition: Being zapped with AIDS by a homosexual male on purpose.
Example: You got AIDS? lol, you got pozzed.

Contributed by Full Rake September 21, 2006


Definition: Refers to the status of those who has the human immunodeficiency virus HIV, the agent of the currently incurable disease AIDS.
Example: Mikel only barebacks with other poz boys.

Contributed by troutie December 28, 2007

Poz Loads

Definition: The word, meaning HIV-positive semen ejaculations, first started on a gay men forum, where the users wanted to find HIV negative people and infect them. While this is serious and they shouldn’t be doing this, it is very funny to hear them talk.
Example: I’d like to drop my POZ LOADS on the neg butts.

Contributed by bttfpromo August 11, 2006

Poz My Neg Hole

Definition: The term came from a forum where gay males posted stories about having sex with hiv positive partners. The term basically means to inject hiv positive (poz) sperm into a hiv negative (neg) anus (hole).
Example: Aw dude you have aids, poz my neg hole plse.

Contributed by Bryan Pippers October 1, 2007

Poz Party

Definition: A party in which HIV positive (poz) gay men have sex with each other and HIV negative (neg) gay men have sex with HIV positive men in order to become HIV positive.
Example: Hey Steve, let’s go to the poz party and receive the gift of AIDS! Lots of hot guys will be there!

Contributed by Joe Jarvinich February 7, 2008

There’s some pretty interesting definitions featured at Urban Dictionary and I only chose one example from each category, which is the one I figured was the best definition from those submitted (so as you can probably imagine based on these selections, some of the definitions there were quite bad). As you will soon discover, there’s some inaccuracies (quite a lot actually) and a lot of work is needed to provide better definitions. Urban Dictionary does include a lot of tongue-in-cheek definitions, but we can still add value to the definitions there, so those who are researching topics that are important to us can receive useful information that can lead them to other resources.

If you would like to contribute definitions and examples to some or all of these topics, please leave the details in your comments below. After we receive a good number of comments, we can choose the one we feel is the best and then submit our own definitions and sentences to Urban Dictionary using a blend of responses, or you can submit your own responses directly if you want to, because the more contributions they receive, the better quality the definitions will become.

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September 26, 2023 2:16 am

Interesting article, I don’t use Urban Dictionary, but agree that some of the terminology is “negative” and debasing. I don’t even like the word “toxic” in some contexts. My boy, (we’re a D/s couple) identifies as my “seed bearer”. It’s a term that I haven’t seen used, but one that really helps him identify with his role now and our relationship. I don’t know if that could be put on UD because it might only be relatable to those in the HIV/AIDS community

August 31, 2023 5:12 am

Anyone run out and update/correct urban dictionary HIV/chasing definitions.

August 21, 2023 11:43 am

“HIV is common among gay or bisexual men. About 1 in 5 gay or bisexual men have HIV.”

Im wondering if this site is citing this as a USA or Worldwide estimate???

I’ve not found anything from the CDC to that has stated any estimate on their website of the estimated percentage of gay or bisexual men living with HIV.
Like many here, I have a fascination with converting and I find these articles quite interesting.

August 24, 2023 6:13 am
Reply to  N

i reallythink this is true; most of gay people i know are hiv+

August 20, 2023 11:30 pm

fascinating and horny!

August 20, 2023 10:58 pm

Jason. you do an excellent job at writing recaps of long boring reports and short stories/topics. Thank you for sharing with us.