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Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Poz Seeds: A Gift Giver Explains His Desire to Share HIV

Learning from others as we explore the world of bug chasing and gift giving provides us with a unique level of insight and is...

Studies Suggest HIV Can Increase Male Sexual Behaviour

The question about whether being HIV-positive increases male sexual behaviour is one that has been swirling around for some time now, so researchers decided...

Breeding Culture Academically Explores Barebacking, Bug Chasing and Gift Giving

"Breeding Culture: Barebacking, Bugchasing, Giftgiving" is an academic essay written by Tim Dean in March 2008 and published in Volume 49 of The Massachusetts...

Shame and Stigma that can be Associated with Bug Chasing

The mind is an extremely powerful tool that controls everything we do. Every thought and and every action is processed by our brain and...

Understanding the Power of Positive Thinking as a Bug Chaser

Trying to understand the thoughts that keep emerging inside our minds can be one of our biggest struggles when it comes to bug chasing....

House of Numbers is an HIV/AIDS Documentary from Brent W. Leung

We know a lot more about HIV/AIDS in the current day, but when HIV/AIDS was discovered in the early days, those in the research...

What is the Definition of Bug Chasing?

Many of us already know that a bug chaser is someone who is HIV-negative and wants to become HIV-positive through the act of bug...

Bug Chasers by Daniel Hill Provides Balanced Insight into Bug Chasing

Daniel Hill wrote an article titled 'Bug Chasers' that was published around October 25, 2000 in Alternatives Magazine. The article itself is not dated,...

Former Bug Chaser Shares His Chasing Experience Through His Own Story

A piece written by Doug Hitzel documenting his bug chasing journey and becoming HIV-positive at age 19 was published in POZ Magazine 20 years...

Life without PrEP: Thinking About Taking the Next Step

You may have noticed on social media or at the Breeding Zone forum that I was involved in some conversations three weeks before the...