Today is considered by many, but not everyone, to be the day Jesus Christ was born. Whether you are religious or not, December 25 is often a festive day that involves people coming together to share their gifts with others. As this day is celebrated by many to mark the creation of a new life, this day can have a significant meaning for different people, although for many who are not religious or who do not share the same religion that’s associated with Christmas, today might just be another day on the calendar. Whether you are religious or not, you might decide to make today a day where you contemplate something you would like to see happen in the future.

Curious Chaser launched on September 20, 2021, with 2022 being the first full year this website has been in existence. I’m very grateful to everyone who has visited the website during this time and to those of you who have created a membership account so you can get involved through the interactive features inside the members area, including the popular forums and private messaging system. When I first started Curious Chaser, it was my intention to just publish articles, but I received many requests to make the website more interactive, which I have been happy to implement through the launch of the forums this year, which is the most popular part of this website.

As this website has grown, I upgraded my web hosting package to a higher performance plan, as the interactive features are more resource intensive. There’s more to this website than just machines and technology, there’s people who help make the website what it is for you to enjoy. I would like to mention a few people who work their magic behind the scenes, including our forum moderators Jim and Duane, who kindly offered to help moderate posts that have been selected for manual approval, which are posts from members who haven’t yet had three posts manually approved. Jim and Duane work hard to approve posts quickly to help ensure the flow of communication isn’t affected by having to wait for too long for posts to be reviewed.

Christmas Quote from Pope Francis / Pope Francis

I would also like to thank someone who has asked to remain anonymous, but who has been a massive help with improving the current bug chasing and gift giving survey. This person knows who he is and he knows that I am very grateful for the assistance he has provided to make the survey the best that it can be, so I want to acknowledge his assistance publicly. Each of you who has participated in the survey this year, will have personally experienced the survey that was made better through the assistance of this person, and he has also agreed to help make the next survey in 2023 even better, so stay tuned for this!

In addition to everyone I have mentioned already, I also want to thank those who frequently comment on the articles I publish and who are actively posting in the forums. Without you, the website would be static and lifeless, so thank you to those of you who are bringing the website to life by participating and getting involved. If you’re feeling shy or afraid to say something, there’s no need to be worried, as we are a friendly and supportive community, so please share your thoughts through a comment, forum post or even create a new forum thread of your choice, because you’re more than welcome to do so and it can be a freeing experience when you’re able to express yourself by saying something you’ve being wanting to say for a long time.

Some of you have attended the Meet and Greet meetings on Zoom that are hosted by Scott. I would like to thank Scott for coming up with the initiative to create these meetings and for hosting them on a regular basis for us to become a part of. If you want to join one of the meetings, you can find out when they’re being held via the Meetings and Events forum at this website, so make sure you keep checking the forum regularly so you can get the date, time and meeting link for the next meeting, where you can join likeminded people to discuss topics including bug chasing, gift giving and HIV in general.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the bug chasing and gift giving survey this year, with almost 500 responses received to date. I’m currently working my way through tallying the responses so I can present the data to you in graphs like I did last year. This is why the articles have been slim this month and will be for the beginning of next month too, as I prepare to launch the next survey, so if you haven’t already participated, make sure you check out the survey page so you can do something special and become part of the results.

Christmas usually involves the sharing of gifts and spreading joy, so that’s where the spirit of this message is coming from today. It’s quite possible that some of you may have received the gift of HIV throughout the year or perhaps some of you may have shared the gift of HIV with others throughout the year. This is the perfect day for sharing, so if you’re wanting to share your knowledge or experiences, the forums are the perfect place to do this and it’s also a great place where you can ask questions and receive answers from those who may have personal experience they would like to share with you.

However you decide to spend your day today, I hope it’s a day that’s filled with happiness and joy. As busy as your day might be, I hope you’ll take some time for yourself, so you can enjoy the day as we prepare to begin 2023 in a few days time. Thank you to each and every one of you for visiting, sharing your thoughts and offering your support, it has not gone unnoticed and it’s greatly appreciated by myself and everyone who spends time here. I hope you enjoy the articles and updates I will continue to share with you in the New Year and beyond.

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December 31, 2022 8:37 pm

Thanks Jason for gifting this site to us and allowing us to freely explore The ☣️ GIFT that we find so compulsively exciting. Happy new year to everyone and hope that 2023 is a good one.

December 29, 2022 2:35 pm

Thanks for making me feel I’m not alone. To a great 2023 full of gifts 🙂
Besos y abrazos.

December 26, 2022 6:54 am

Thanks for the mention Jason and for all you do. Here to all of us getting the gift in 2023! Another member of the Class of 2023!

December 26, 2022 1:56 am

thanks for all you do for this site, Jason! We really appreciate it.

As for “gifts,” I didn’t get the gift I really wanted for 2022 but there’s always next year for us all. Here’s to us entering the Class of 2023!

December 25, 2022 8:42 pm

I too would like to “thank” the people who created this site. From the first time I sucked my best friend’s cock in experimenting my sexuality to having anonymous sex in video booth. Having total strangers bred my ass and wondering did I just get “gifted” a life changing virus.
Being excited and shame at the same time. Later wondering what “freak does this?” and learning over the years I wasn’t alone. There is a community of people around the world who is doing it too. I feel no shame to being a chaser and you shouldn’t either. Now that my chasing is done since being bred the POZ gift. I have been part of sharing it with other chasers and have to decide whether to keep a strong charge or move to undetectable.

Having this site to read of other people thoughts, choices, and decisions with the same desires is wonderful thing. It helps me understand myself better and brings peace with my past decisions. Looking forward to continuing reading and taking part of the zoom meets.

Happy Holidays