Bug Chasing Involves Making the Decision to Enter into a Lifelong Commitment

Bug Chasing Involves Making the Decision to Enter into a Lifelong Commitment

According to an article published in 2018 by Psychology Today, we make an estimated 35,000 decisions on a daily basis, which is a massive number, but the formula used to derive this figure is unknown. When you think about it, we do make a lot of decisions each day, from food choices, what to wear and things to do during the day are just a few examples. Making the decision to become a bug chaser is possibly be the biggest decision a person will ever make during their lifetime. It’s a decision that should not be taken lightly, because the outcome can have serious consequences, which is why the decision to chase the bug must be an informed decision. To make an informed decision, you need to be in the right frame of mind and have all of the facts before you. Time is also an important part of the process, so don’t rush into anything you might later regret.

There is a big difference between “thinking” about being a bug chaser and “becoming” a bug chaser, as the former is a “thought” and the later is an “action” that gets implemented after making a decision. When it comes to making a decision, all considerations need to be explored, which involves weighing up the pros and cons, thinking about the good and bad points and of course determining the positives and negatives of the situation. Bug chasers don’t usually wake up one morning and decide to chase the bug, then go out that same afternoon looking to get infected, it takes time for these thoughts to develop and then be processed.

As some might say, the grass is not always greener on the other side. If you are curious about bug chasing, but haven’t yet made a final decision, you need to consider why you are thinking about becoming a bug chaser by asking yourself this question and it’s also a good idea to write down any reasons you come up with by making a list. We could have different reasons and the reason doesn’t really matter to anyone other than ourselves. Once we understand the reason or reasons that are driving us in the bug chasing direction, then we can think about whether our desire to chase is something we want to act upon.

Once you have made a list of reasons why you might want to become a bug chaser, it’s a great idea to prioritise the reasons from the most important at the top, to the least important at the bottom and once you have put your reasons in order, number them, starting with one for the most important reason and work your way down from there. To make this easier, put your list together on a computer or mobile device so you can move your reasons around more easily. Having your list in front of you, means you can face it and explore it on a deeper level, as these thoughts are no longer just swirling around in your mind.

Now it’s time to create another list on the same page or document, which is the good and bad points you can think about bug chasing. You are going to end up with two lists, but you will be using both of them to help with the decision making process, which is designed to help you make an informed decision. The first list details your reasons and the second list explores the pros and cons, so write down all the good and bad points you can think about bug chasing. Make sure you think ahead and not just about the bug chasing experience, because it’s the future that will be one of the most important things you must consider, due to the involvement of financial, health and social issues. This is also a good time to consult with a suitably qualified professional, so that your mind is in a good place.

Now that you have two lists complete, just wait for a while, as you might come up with some other reasons or pros and cons to add to your list and these might pop into your mind when you least expect it. Talking to other bug chasers online might be helpful too, or even better yet, have a chat with some HIV-positive guys who are comfortable talking to you about what it’s like to be HIV-positive. If you do talk with some HIV-positive guys, try to approach some who were bug chasers and some who weren’t to capture both perspectives, as guys who acquired HIV through unintentional means may have different views as thoughts who contracted the virus intentionally. Please also be respectful if you do approach someone to ask questions, as some people may not be comfortable discussing their situation and we should respect them if they don’t want to discuss these kinds of questions.

The decision making process can take a while, which is why it should not be rushed, as it’s a massive decision. After you have thought about it for a while, you might decide you have an interest in bug chasing, but it’s more fantasy based, so you might maintain bug chasing as a fantasy and not proceed any further than this. You might also decide that bug chasing is not for you right now, so you might choose to think about it again in the future if the thoughts are still with you. If you do decide that bug chasing is for you and it’s something you want to explore more, then the above process should help you feel more confident about your decision as you consider the next step.

Whatever choice you make, the decision is exclusively yours, so make sure you think very carefully to ensure the decision you make is best for you, as you cannot undo becoming HIV-positive, as it’s a life-long commitment. This article is not designed to influence you in any way, it’s about making sure you understand the pros and cons involved with bug chasing, so you can get a glimpse into the positive world before you actually step into it. When you do make your final decision, make sure you have a clear mind and your thoughts are calm to ensure you’re in the best place possible to make the decision. Just think about what you might be getting yourself into if you do choose to take the next step and start bug chasing and if this is the choice you make, embrace the chase. There’s a lot to think about, so don’t rush, take your time, ask questions and examine everything you can before you make a choice.

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New Guy
January 6, 2022 7:16 am

Breaking through the fantasy phase into the actual bug-chasing reality was a relief for me because I felt as though I had stopped wasting other peoples’ time. I never wanted to be a tease, begging for toxic cum, then ghosting, but I like many others, I’m guessing, did do that, because I felt in that moment, with a hard dick in my hand and my fantasies raging, that I wanted poz cum in me. And I did. But in the cold light of day, when the “moment” had passed, I still had my doubts. Thank you Jason for this very thought-provoking and reflective post.

November 1, 2021 7:13 am

Can’t Bareback be considered a “non decision”? It’s kinda the default for sex. Getting and putting on condoms (yuck) or going to the doctor, getting a prescription and then taking it everyday, that’s the decision hehe. If you don’t make a decision, you’re left with no condoms or prep hehe

October 13, 2021 7:12 am

I am committed to be coming HIV+. The next step is to find a poz top to give me his seed

October 3, 2021 7:12 am

Bugchasing is a beautiful commitment which sets you free