This page has been created to address any questions or concerns some people may have by providing some context and explaining the reason why this website has come into existence. It is important to acknowledge from the very beginning that although this resource discusses risky sexual behaviour, with the primary purpose of this website being about providing information from an educational and information sharing perspective. This website is not designed to promote or encourage unsafe sexual behaviour, although that is the subject matter being discussed here.

The target audience for Curious Chaser is the group of people who are contemplating bug chasing or those who are already actively on this path. Anyone who would like more information on the subject is welcome to explore the articles published here as well, but it’s important to understand that the articles are written specifically for the target audience and the content may evoke emotions for anyone who is not familiar with the subject of bug chasing and gift giving. This is why most of the articles are reserved for registered members only, so the content doesn’t have to be censored to cater for a different audience.

For those who are curious about why this resource is needed in the first place, I would encourage you to research the internet looking for neutrally written resources that discuss bug chasing. You will find numerous articles designed to provoke the minds of readers through the writing of controversial articles that may have been framed to shame bug chasers or scientific articles designed for health professionals that are not written with bug chasers in mind. There are some decent articles that can be found online, but they are few and far between, so this website brings everything together in one central place.

As this article has been published at an early point in the life of this resource, it might be timely to explain what can be expected here. A wealth of knowledge is planned through the publication of a growing number of well-researched articles, backed by facts and statistics that will be beneficial for those on the bug chasing path. To strengthen the quality of the articles, interactive components will also be introduced from those who are current or former bug chasers to provide a deeper level of insight and understanding into the thought processes, emotions and outcomes they might have experienced as a result of bug chasing.

Bug chasing is time-relevant, with the initial phase involving the thought process, but it’s what happens after conversion takes place that also needs to be discussed before it actually happens. Bug chasing can be an exhilarating experience for a bug chaser, but an important question any bug chaser must be curious about is what happens after they have successfully been infected. What are the financial, health and social impacts or negative outcomes that might be experienced after becoming HIV-positive. This resource is designed to act similar to a crystal ball by bringing forward some of the relevant issues that need to be discussed at a time when it is most important, which is before conversion happens.

Through researching bug chasing and speaking with numerous men about it, I have found there can be mixed experiences. Some men are happy they chased the bug and are now enjoying their positive status, but some men regret intentionally seeking HIV and wish they could go back in time and do things differently, which they can’t at this point in time. This resource will create a glimpse into the positive world that can be used to help with the decision making process, because what you might think will be fun and exciting in your mind, might not match your expectations in reality.

For those who think creating a resource like this is reckless, I would like to point out that many of the topics discussed here will not likely be new to those who are already on the bug chasing path, so the information presented here is not designed to put someone on the bug chasing path who is not already on it. When it comes to making any decision in life, it’s important for a person to be equipped with making informed decisions. To be able to make an informed decision, you need to know all the facts and the aim of this website is to discuss bug chasing and present well-researched information backed by facts, along with experiences from those who are current or former bug chasers.

As information changes over time, the articles published here are considered to be living documents, so updates may be made from time-to-time to keep the information as accurate and relevant as possible, which is why each article has an identification number and a version control feature at the bottom of the article. To help strengthen these articles, external links are often included and readers are asked to consider the information presented here, but are also encouraged to source additional information, with many of the links making excellent starting points. It is important to note that these articles should only be used as a conversation starting point and professional advice must be sought prior to acting on anything that is discussed or presented here.

It is hoped this resource is found to be useful by those who are seeking information about bug chasing. The articles published here will include various aspects of bug chasing, gift giving and being HIV-positive. Some people reading the information may decide that bug chasing is not for them, but it’s also possible that some people will still choose to pursue bug chasing. Nobody should be given the power to judge another person for the decisions they make in their own lives. Anyone thinking about bug chasing should consider the pros and cons beforehand so they can make an informed decision and that’s what this website is all about.

Featured Photo: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.
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Version Control: 1.0 – September 20, 2021: Original article published.

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13 October 2021 11:50 am

I’m glad this website has been created.