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March 16, 2022
Article #32 – Bareback Porn Performer Reveals His HIV Status After Studio Marketing
When a porn studio marketed a bareback sex video as being “toxic” with biohazard imagery, one of the performers later revealed that he is HIV-positive and undetectable.

March 10, 2022
Article #31 – Bug Chasers by Daniel Hill Provides Balanced Insight into Bug Chasing

Daniel wrote an excellent article in the early days of bug chasing and provides plenty of insight in an article that was written with an open mind, which is quite unique.

March 9, 2022
Article #30 – Floridian Magazine Explores Bug Chasing in World AIDS Day Edition

This article from a magazine published in 2013 explores bug chasing and includes interviews with two bug chasers, along with some helpful contributions from specialists.

March 8, 2022
Article #29: Former Bug Chaser Shares His Chasing Experience Through His Own Story

Doug shares his story at age 20, which was first published exactly 20 years ago. Gain insight into Doug’s bug chasing experiences and more about his life as well.

February 15, 2022
Article #28 – Viral Loads is a Bareback Sex Movie Centred Around HIV

Take a closer look at Treasure Island Media’s groundbreaking movie from 2014 featuring a mixture of HIV-positive and HIV-negative guys in the same scene, including thoughts from others.

February 11, 2022
Article #27 – The French Virologist Who Co-Discovered HIV has Passed Away

Find out more about the man who co-discovered HIV. The virus was not called HIV in the beginning, so you can learn more about this in the article as well. RIP.

February 5, 2022
Article #26 – The Rise and Fall of HIV/AIDS as a Death Sentence

This article explores HIV/AIDS and the improvements in healthcare to see where we are today. A look at statistics also shows a surprising increase in new HIV infections in many countries.

January 18, 2022
Article #25 – Different Strains: Types, Groups and Subtypes of HIV

There are 2 types of HIV, 4 groups within HIV-1, 9 subtypes of HIV-1 and over 89 hybrid viruses, making HIV an extremely interesting virus. You can learn more about HIV in this article.

January 7, 2022
Article #24 – Life without PrEP: Thinking About Taking the Next Step

Find out more about how my first attempt at stopping PrEP went. I wanted to start 2022 ‘unprepped’, but this attempt was delayed due to some underlying doubts I need to resolve first.

January 5, 2022
Article #23 – Bareback Porn Performer and Bug Chaser Killed in Unprovoked Shooting

This is a very sad article about Mel Grey, who was pro-HIV being killed just over three weeks ago. I just found out today and immediately wrote this article for him.

January 2, 2022
Article #22 – The 2021 Bug Chasing Survey Results have been Released

This article is an analysis of the survey data from the very first bug chasing survey. I am now working on getting the next bug chasing survey ready and I hope you will participate.

December 10, 2021
Article #21 – Stealthing Can Create an Imbalance Between Give and Take

This article explains more about stealthing and some of its impacts. It also includes a link to the Global HIV Criminalisation Database so you can learn about the laws in your area.

December 1, 2021
Article #20 – December 1 is World AIDS Day and 2021 Marks 40 Years of HIV/AIDS

Today is a very important day. December 1 is the day we remember those we have lost to the virus and it’s also the day we show support to those who are living with the virus.

November 24, 2021
Article #19 – Symbols that Establish a Physical Connection with Positive Energy

If you are currently on the bug chasing path and are wanting to attract a physical positive energy, this article might help you find the very thing you are looking for.

November 12, 2021
Article #18 – Chaser is a Short Film that Explores Barebacking and Risky Anonymous Sex

Chaser is a fifteen minute film that introduces us to several characters who embrace barebacking. You will also discover some bug chasing elements involved as well.

November 6, 2021
Article #17 – HIV by the Numbers: An Introduction to CD4 Count and Viral Load

Learn more about the difference between CD4 count and viral load. This article is provides relevant information for both bug chasers and those who are already HIV-positive.

October 29, 2021
Article #16 – The Distinction Between Bug Chasing Fantasy and Reality

This introductory article explores bug chasing fantasy and reality and the relationship between online and offline interaction between bug chasers. There’s also an interactive feature.

October 16, 2021
Article #15 – Ejaculate Fluids: The Power and Persuasion of Positive Semen

Find out everything you have ever wanted to know about cum plus a whole lot more. This article also includes a few points from a bug chasing perspective as well.

October 15, 2021
Article #14 – An Overview of the Different Type of HIV Tests Available

This article discusses the different types of HIV tests available from a bug chasing perspective. The article might not be for everyone, but it does include some useful information.

October 11, 2021
Article #13 – Inside My Head: Thoughts from a Curious Chaser

Although this is a very long article, it’s a great way for you to get inside me (my head that is, not my hole). Here you can learn more about my way of thinking as a curious chaser.

October 3, 2021
Article #12 – POZ-Centric Ink: Exploring Tattoos that Symbolise Being HIV-Positive

POZ-centric tattoos can be used to make a statement in various ways and to different people. This article also includes a poll and asks for your thoughts about tattoos.

October 2, 2021
Article #11 – The HIV Lifecycle: How HIV Enters Our Body and Reproduces

If you are curious about bug chasing, you might also be wondering how HIV replicates within our body and becomes stronger. This article explains more about the HIV lifecycle.

September 29, 2021
Article #10 – Bug Chasing Involves Making the Decision to Enter into a Lifelong Commitment

If you aren’t sure about becoming a bug chaser, this article might be helpful. It pretty much just helps with your thinking process, because it’s a big decision.

September 28, 2021
Article #09 – Kenboy: A Bug Chaser Who Embraced the Chase and Lived a Positive Life

If you are curious about the bug chaser from ‘The Gift’ documentary, you can learn more about him. He also co-created Bareback City and filmed some bareback porn videos.

September 27, 2021
Article #08 – HIV Through the Stages: Signs and Symptoms of HIV
If you are HIV-negative, but actively chasing the bug, this article will help you identity the “fuck flu” and give you signs and symptoms to look for, plus some general information too.

September 26, 2021
Article #07 – The Question is Simple. The Answer is Complicated. Why Would Someone Want HIV?

There could be one reason, multiple reasons or a reason that is yet to be decided. This article explores some possible reasons why we choose to chase the bug.

September 25, 2021
Article #06 – Rolling Stone Article Introduced Bug Chasing to a New Audience

The Rolling Stone Magazine article written in 2003 is considered to be one of the most controversial articles every written about bug chasing. It’s still a good read though.

September 24, 2021
Article #05 – The Gift by Louise Hogarth is a Documentary About Deliberate HIV Infection

‘The Gift’ is a documentary about bug chasing and gift giving. The multimedia used to promote the film is quite captivating and the documentary is very interesting.

September 23, 2021
Article #04 – Barebacking and Bug Chasing ‘A Deadly Dance’ According to Newsweek
I have tried finding the very first article about bug chasing published in mainstream media and I think I have found it. This Newsweek article was published back in 1997.

September 22, 2021
Article #03 – How to Get the Most Out of Using the Curious Chaser Website

My new website is all about bug chasing, so anyone who is a bug chaser or who is curious might find the website useful. This update is more of a website introduction article.

September 21, 2021
Article #02 – The Purpose of a Bug Chasing Resource

As my website is brand new and only has a handful of articles at present, I have provided some background information and introduce what can be expected in the upcoming articles.

September 20, 2021
Article #01 – An Open Letter to the HIV/AIDS Community

My first article has been written to point out that not every HIV-positive person is a bug chaser and to add that I mean no disrespect to those who disagree with bug chasing.